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Values-Conscious Business

“Why indeed must 'God' be a noun? Why not a verb - the most active and dynamic of all.”

- Mary Daly
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Values-conscious business

Business models

Below are resources on business ethics, tools for integrating spirituality and business, and how to demonstrate spiritual-based leadership.

Business ethics  top^

20 Questions to Ask About Your Code of Conduct

Looks at questions that confront those who are responsible for codes of conduct today and at the questions that today’s compliance and ethics professionals are considering in reviewing their codes to meet current standards.
Joe Murphy & Win Swenson, Ethikos and Corporate Conduct Quarterly (2003), linked 03/15

7 Principles of Admirable Business Ethics: Business Ethics for Small Business

A short overview of seven principles the author suggests should be considered as an important insight for companies striving for long-term success and growth. Applicable to small and big business. Website, by Robert Moment, linked 03/15

A Global Ethic Now

An internet learning platform of the Global Ethic Foundation addressing five themes: What is a global ethic? Global ethic and religions; Global ethic and politics; Global ethic and economy; Global ethic in everyday life.
GEF website, linked 03/15

Applied Ethics Resources on the WWW

A range of resources on business and professional ethics, as well as ethical decision making.
Ethicsweb, linked 03/15

Business Ethics Training

Action steps for providing business ethics classes for staff. website, Gwen Helene Kleist, linked 03/15

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct from Bombardier, who state that, 'the Code addresses ethical conduct in our work environment, business practices and relationships with external stakeholders.' A 28-page document available in 15 languages; serves as an example.
Bombardier website, linked 03/15

Complete Guide to Ethics Management: An Ethics Toolkit for Managers

A 20-page guide that is a straightforward and highly practical tool designed to help leaders and managers implement comprehensive ethics management systems in their workplaces that deal with the complex issues that can occur in the day-to-day realities of leading and managing an organization.
Carter McNamara, Free Management Library, linked 03/15

Conscious Business Transformation - Models for Implementation

A Conscious Business® powerpoint presentation that explores the interconnectedness and power of companies to transform themselves and the world in which they co-exist.
CBC website, linked 03/15

Creating a Code of Ethics for Your Organization

Discusses why a business should have a code of ethics and provides some general guidance and considerations on writing a code of ethics, as well as samples and other resources.
Chris MacDonald, Ethicsweb, linked 03/15

Ethical Corporation

A media business whose aim is to encourage debate and discussion on responsible business through publishing, conferences, and independent research and advisory work.
Website, linked 03/15

Ethical Decision Making: How to Make Ethical Decisions in 5 Steps

A short piece on what is ethical and how to consider ethics in decision making.
Lyndsay Swinton, “Management for the rest of us,” linked 03/15

Ethical Leadership Scales

Three scales designed to promote quiet and comprehensive reflection about qualities that together constitute ethical behaviour and ethical leadership.
Institute for Ethical Leaders website, linked 03/15

Ethics Games and Puzzles

Designed around ethics and values, these resources include Values Word-Search Puzzle, US Presidential Quotes Matching Quiz, Ethics and Values Crossword.
Ethics Resource Center, linked 03/15

Ethics Glossary

A glossary providing brief, easy to understand definitions of words associated with ethics, including the distinction between a code of ethics and a code of conduct.
ERC website, linked 03/15

Ethics Toolkit

A collection of useful ethics tools assembled for personal (non-commercial) use. Includes tips and guidelines for writing codes of ethics, an ethics glossary, values definitions and other short articles on the practice of organizational ethic.
ERC website, linked 03/15

Evaluating Your Ethics Committee

Provides examples of the types of questions you could ask for individuals to evaluate their performance in a group and to evaluate the functioning of the group as a whole.
Ascension Health website, linked 03/15

Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

A fundamental frame of reference for responsible and sustainable tourism, the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET) is a comprehensive set of principles designed to guide key-players in tourism development. Links available to the Code’s 10 principles.
UNWTO website, linked 03/15

Golden Rule

Includes numerous links to information and resources on this Ethic of Reciprocity, which is often described as a universal ethical principle.
Scarboro Missions website, linked 03/15

How Does Your Business Deal with Ethics?

An interesting articlewhere the author suggests that, 'Ethics must be integrated into the core of how a business runs itself, and saturate the company in both a top-down and bottom-up fashion.'
HP website, by N/A Inc., linked 03/15

International Business Ethics Institute Resources

Lists 41 links to organizations and institutes focused on business ethics.
IBEI website, linked 03/15

Market Value of Integrity

A 28-page presentation asking how members of the public, investors and employees, might influence companies to operate ethically, presentd 20 Oct. 2002 as part of The Sears Lectureship in Business Ethics at Bentley College.
John J. Brennan, Bentley College website, linked 03/15

Melding Quaker Ethics and Business

Examines the coupling of Quaker tradition, known for its commitment to peace and social justice, with the hard-headed pursuit of business success.
Rich Barlow, The Boston Globe (3/18/06), linked 03/15

Quiz: What's Your Ethical Style?

A nine-question quiz that is scored to indicate your relative weighting on two ethical styles - the ethic of justice or right, and the ethic of care or responsibility.
Center for Ethics and Business website, linked 03/15

Resolving an Ethical Dilemma

Presents a clear three-step process, and then links to a more complex discussion.
Center for Ethics and Business, linked 03/15

Resources for Writing a Code of Ethics

Lists numerous online resources as well as printed material related to codes of ethics and codes of conduct.
Illinois Institute of Technology website, linked 03/15

Saint James Ethics Centre

A fully independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides a non-judgemental forum for the promotion and exploration of ethics. The Ethics Centre's mission is to encourage and assist individuals and organizations to include the ethical dimension in their daily lives and thereby help to create a better world.
Website, linked 03/15

Seven Steps For Changing The Ethical Culture Of An Organization

A brief and clear overview of 7 action steps for changing the ethical culture of an organization.
ERC website, Frank Navran, linked 03/15

Spirituality and Ethics in Business

Examines the current interest in spirituality at work, with persons at all levels in the corporate hierarchy increasingly wanting to nourish their spirit and creativity.
Corinne McLaughlin, Center for Visionary Leadership, linked 03/15

Ten Writing Tips for Creating an Effective Code of Conduct

An article explaining how to use an organization's values as the foundation upon which the code of conduct will grow.
Ethics Resource Centre website, Jerry Brown, linked 03/15

Top 10 Principles for Positive Business Ethics

An article providing principles related to ethics as being about the quality of our lives, the quality of our service, and ultimately, about the bottom line.
Ezine Articles website, Philip E. Humbert, linked 03/15

Updating your Corporate Code of Conduct

A two-part article that explores the whys and hows of updating your organization’s Code, including questions to consider and reommended steps.
Corporate Compliance Insights website, Joan Elise Dubinsky & Rosentreter Group 2008, linked 03/15

What Is the Value of Ethics?

A brief overview of ethics.
St. James Ethics Centre website, linked 03/15

What to Do After Your Code of Conduct is Written

Focuses on the communication, training, and initiatives needed to keep a code of ethics alive once it has been developed.
ERC website, linked 03/15

Writing a Code of Ethics

An article explaining how to organize a code around a company's core values.
Perspectives, A Periodical of IIT, W. Michael Hoffman, linked 03/15

Corporate social responsibility  top^

Business Respect

Provides commentary, news, and resources on how business can successfully meet expectations to benefit both business and society from a pro-business perspective on corporate social responsibility.
Website, linked 03/15

Can Big Business Save the Planet?

An article questioning whether corporations are actually seeking to better the planet or merely trying to win the public’s trust. Consumers are holding companies accountable for the social consequences of their activities. How well, and why, are big businesses responding?
UC Observer, by Kevin Spurgaitis, Sept 2010, linked 03/15

Corporate Social Responsibility Overview

A brief overview of the meaning and implementation of CSR from Industry Canada.
Industry Canada Website, linked 03/15

Corporate Social Responsibility: An Implementation Guide for Business

From the International Institute for Sustainable Development, this lengthy (115 pages) guide covers many topics on CSR.
IISD, P. Hohnen and J. Potts, linked 03/15

Responsibility Paradox

Describes the corporate social responsibility paradox as stakeholders are holding corporations more responsible for their actions, while corporations understand their responsibilities to stakeholders even less.
Davis, Whitman, & Zald, Stanford Social Innovation Review, linked 03/15

Virtue Matrix

A tool for understanding corporate social responsibility. In this article Dean Roger Martin (Rotman School of Management) describes a tool he has developed to help executives assess opportunities for socially-responsible behavior.
Website, by Dean Roger Martin, linked 03/15

Mission and values  top^

2012: Socially Responsible Business

Discusses the choice between holding onto old, self-centered patterns of thinking or opening ourselves to new values and more peaceful and sustainable ways of living.
Corinne McLaughlin, Center for Visionary Leadership, linked 03/15

Importance of Values Alignment

Article available via free membership with Team Management Systems (Edition 55). Discusses the importance of values alignment in an organizational culture for building a high performance organization.
TMS website, linked 03/15

Index of Codes on Corporate Governance

Provides a listing of corporate governance codes around the world, with links to the documents.
ECGI website, linked 03/15

Meaning and Values Slipping into First Seat

An article focused on employees' desire for compensation that includes control of their time and life-work balance.
Herman Trend Alert (January 25, 2006), linked 03/15

Organizational structure  top^

Checklist for Accountability

Excellent tools to help charitable organizations foster practices that create an environment of transparency, accountability and integrity, and reassure their stakeholders of a commitment to upholding the public trust.
Independent Sector, linked 03/15

Conscious Organization: Workplace for the Self-Actualized

Specific ideas to implement the values of a conscious workplace.
John Renesch, Business Spirit Journal (August 1999), linked 03/15

Employee Wellness: Spirituality in the Workplace

An online library of articles on the links between wellness and spirituality.
Website, linked 03/15

Non-Profit Good Practice Guide: Preferred Practices and Pitfalls

A thought-provoking list of best practices and pitfalls in organizational management.
Grand Valley State University, Johnson Center, linked 03/15

Responsible Workplace: How to Survive and Thrive

An article that explores how continued investment in responsible workplace practices is integral to surviving the recession and being fit for greater success when the recession ends.
BITC website, linked 03/15

Social enterprises  top^


A foundation that invests in social entrepreneurs, providing them as Ashoka Fellows with a living stipend for an average of three years to allow them to focus full-time on building their institutions and spreading their ideas.
Website, linked 03/15

Canadian Social Entrepreneurs Network

Established in 2002 a vehicle for discussion on issues related to social entrepreneurship including community economic development, social enterprise, social venture, and social purpose business.
Website, linked 03/15

Social Enterprise World Forum

The Forum is an international gathering of practitioners and support agencies dealing exclusively with social enterprise and brings together social enterprise leaders and champions from all continents to collaborate, share best practice and plan future developments. The collaboration raises awareness of social enterprise as an expanding global mechanism for social change and explored the merit of ongoing collaboration for key stakeholders. The Forum was first held in 2008 in Edinburgh, Scotland. This link is to the 2013 Forum in Calgary, Canada.
Axion news website, linked 03/15

Spiritual-based leadership  top^

Art of Spiritual Leadership in Business

A 4-hour, 4-CD audio-based learning program focused on practical methods for developing the four key faculties of spiritual-based leaders, which are summarized on 28 handy pocket-sized reference cards.
Global Dharma Center, linked 03/15

Conscious Leadership: New Thinking for a Better Future

A short article on the role of spirituality in leadership, pointing out that leaders for a better future possess a unique combination of strengths—a powerful vision for what is needed to become a sustainable species as well as the spiritual chutzpah to act on their vision.
John Renesch, New Renaissance, 12 (2), Nov. 2006, linked 03/15

Ethical Leadership

A brief article that looks at three key points: Define Your Organization's Values, Set the Tone, Recognize Ethical Dilemmas
Mind Tools Website, linked 03/15

Leading from a Spiritual Basis

An overview of four distinct contexts of leadership that have emerged in business, each representing a fundamental change in how we view the nature of business leadership.
Global Dharma Center, linked 03/15

Leading with Spirit: Today’s Spiritual CEO’s

An article with specific suggestions about how to balance the "business" of leadership with the "spirituality" of leadership and move beyond minimum ethical standards.
Leader Values website,by Ted Collins, linked 03/15

Put Your Spirituality to Work: Spiritual-Based Leaders

A downloadable booklet with a collection of 30 articles in each book, aimed at starting conversations about spirituality at work with a focus on how to lead from a spiritual basis, inspired by findings from international research with business executives.
Global Dharma Center, linked 03/15

Responsible Leadership: Base Your Leadership on Spiritual Roots

Explores the importance of spiritually-based leadership.
Global Dharma website, by William C. Miller, ( May 2001), linked 03/15

Seven Levels of Leadership Consciousness

The article outlines 7 levels of leadership consciousness, suggesting that the art of being an effective leader is more than learning how to empower others and produce results; rather, it is about understanding self.
TheMarketingSite website, Richard Barrett, linked 03/15

Spiritual Capital Initiative

The Spiritual Capital Initiative, a part of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, is led by Professors Ted Malloch and Miroslav Volf. The Initiative will spend the next several years researching the virtues derived from faith that contribute to flourishing corporations. The Initiative will publish and make widely available for use in business and management schools 24 case studies that profile individual case companies and a particular faith- or tradition-grounded virtue which they embody.
YU website, linked 03/15

Spiritual-Based Leadership Research Programme

Findings from an ongoing international research programme launched in 2002 in order to contribute to the emerging field of, and the consciousness about, spiritual-based leadership in work organizations worldwide.
Global Dharma Center, linked 03/15

Spirituality in Healthcare

Free online healthcare professional training module from the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota.
Center for Spirituality & Healing website, linked 03/15

Spirituality: The Emerging Context for Business Leadership

A 33-page article on the four distinct contexts of business leadership that have emerged around the globe - rationalist, humanistic, wholistic, and spiritual-based - and how each measures success by its own view of the purpose of business and leadership.
Global Dharma Center website, William C. Miller & Debra R. Miller, linked 03/15

Visionary Leadership

A brief article on the profound interconnectedness between the leader and the whole, emphasizing that true visionary leaders serve the good of the whole and find a higher synthesis of the best of both sides of an issue and address the systemic root causes of problems to create real breakthroughs.
Centre for Visionary Leadership website, © 2001 Corinne McLaughlin, linked 03/15

What Is Servant Leadership?

Provides a description of the leadership role as one primarily of service.
Greenleaf website, linked 03/15

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