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Values-Conscious Business

“To hope means to be ready at every moment for that which is not yet born, and yet not become desperate if there is no birth in our lifetime.”

- Emily Dickinson
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Values-conscious business


Below are descriptions of the nature of conscious business and what spirituality in business means.

Conscious business  top^

13 "Values Paths" of Conscious Enterprise

Examines the concept of "conscious enterprise" by exploring various value paths that are inspired by, among other things, Eckhardt's "four paths" and the Buddhist "eight-fold path."
Ivy Sea Online, linked 08/16

How We Do Business Matters: the Case for Conscious Capitalism

Walter Robb, President and Chief Operating Officer of Whole Foods Market speaking in November 2008 at the Peace Through Commerce Conference in Washington, DC. (5:34 min clip)
BFP Website, linked 08/16

What Is Conscious Business?

A clear definition of conscious business.
CBI website, linked 08/16

Spirituality in business  top^

7 Dimensions of Employee Wellness

The author expands on our commonly held perceptions of wellness, health and wellbeing, positing that wellness has seven dimensions: occupational, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, environmental and physical.
GRCC website, by Jasmine Jafferali, linked 08/16

Call for Workplace Spirituality

Provides a proposed agenda for workplace spirituality research along with a discussion of key issues.
IISL website, linked 08/16

Connecting to the Bigger Picture: Work and Spirituality

An article posing the question of whether it it is possible to have a work environment that allows for spirituality.
SMU website, Cathy Driscoll,The Chronicle-Herald (5/7/04), linked 08/16

Global Ethic and Religions

A layered look at the 3 major systems of religion currents of the world: 1. Near-Eastern prophetic religions 2. Indian mystical religions 3. Far-Easter wisdom religions Excellent short-byte overviews on click-through layers.
GEF website, linked 08/16

How Do We Put Our Spiritual Values to Work?

Based on Chapter 5 of New Traditions in Business by one of the Co-Founders of Global Dharma Center. Miller gives an over view of: Spiritual Values, The "Practical" Side of Spiritual Values, and Spiritual Values and Economic Reality.
Global Dharma Website, By William C. Miller, linked 08/16

Integrating Spirituality Into Work

An article exploring how professionals find ways to incorporate private belief into workplace roles and decisions.
AASA website, Seth Wax, linked 08/16

Is Your Career Also Your Vocation?

Differentiates between choosing a career based on money and status or based on a “calling” focused more on what we can give by serving and contributing to others.
Global Dharma website, linked 08/16

Leadership and Spirituality in the Workplace

The appendix provides an overview of the concept of spirituality in the workplace, spiritual principles that have been useful to many leaders in their personal and professional development, and a list of some of the resources that are available to people who are interested in learning more about the relationship between leadership and spirituality.
Judi Neal website, by Judith A. Neal, linked 08/16

New Spirit at Work

An article reviewing the thesis that spirituality has positive benefits in the workplace so long as there is no promotion of specific religions.
CSM website, Jane Lampman Nov 2003, linked 08/16

New Spirit of Work

A well written 4-page synopsis of Richard Barrett's (Barrett Values Centre) presentation at the First International Symposium on Spirituality and Business in 1998.
Fast Company Magazine website, By: David Dorsey, July 31, 1998, linked 08/16

Nurturing Spirituality in the Workplace

Short article about trends relating to spirituality in Canadian workplaces.
Globe and Mail, Jennifer Myers, Nov. 2009, linked 08/16

Questions People Ask about Spirituality and the Workplace

26 common questions people ask about spirituality and the workplace with answers provided by the author.
Innovations website, by William Guillory, linked 08/16

Radical Relatedness: Exploring the Spiritual Dimension of Family Service Work

The author explores the spiritual dimension of family service work.
MF website, by Michael Shane McKernan, linked 08/16

Role of Spirituality in Health Care

A well written article that shares how physicians are attempting to balance their care by reclaiming medicine's more spiritual roots. Good information on compassionate care, research on the role of spirituality in health care and the value of spiritual care.
NCBI website, by Christina M. Puchalski, MD, MS, linked 08/16

Seven Principles of Spirituality in the Workplace

A definition of "Spirituality in the Workplace" based on seven principles: creativity, communication, respect, vision, partnership, energy, and flexibility.
The Institute for Management Excellence website, linked 08/16

Six Components of a Model for Workplace Spirituality

Describes a six-part model of workplace spirituality that can serve as a partial framework for engaging in a broader conversation of spirituality’s place and influence in Western business culture.
Kent Rhodes,Graziadio Business Report, Pepperdine University, linked 08/16

Spirit at Work: The Search for Deeper Meaning in the Workplace

An exploration of the intersection of work and spirituality.
Harvard Business School, Bulletin Online, linked 08/16

Spiritual Assessment: What is Your Method?

PDF download option. A short article encouraging healthcare providers to explore the use of the tool (FICA) by which all patients can be spiritually assessed. FICA is an acronym for Faith and Belief, Importance, Community, and Address in Care. Links to more resources provided.
OJRN website,by Linda L. Dunn, linked 08/16

Spiritual Intelligence

Offering (for a fee) two proprietary assessment tools: 1. Spiritual Intelligence assessment 2. A four-part review with you of your multiple intelligences for leadership.
Deep Change website, linked 08/16

Spiritual Values at Work

A short article, part of the Minnesota Public Radio News project, Religion in Everyday Life. A 4.5 minute audio also available. As people find new ways of spiritual exploration through non-traditional practices such as meditation, environmentalism, and even work, some people are finding greater meaning in the work they do by carrying personal values into the workplace.
MPR Website, By Karen Louise Booth, linked 08/16

Spirituality and Meaning at Work

Describes the growing movement to bring spirit and soul to the corporate world.
Paul T P Wong, International Network on Personal Meaning (Sept 2003), linked 08/16

Spirituality and Medical Practice: Using the HOPE Questions as a Practical Tool for Spiritual Assessment

The relationship between spirituality and medicine has been the focus of considerable interest in recent years. A spiritual assessment as part of a medical encounter is a practical first step in incorporating consideration of a patient's spirituality into medical practice. The HOPE questions provide a formal tool that may be used in this process.
AAFP Website, by Gowri Anandarajah, M.D., and Ellen Hight, M.D., M.P.H linked 08/16

Spirituality and Mental Health

This informative, easy to read article, explains how spirituality, mental health and mental healthcare can connect, how to make a place for spiritual needs within a mental health service and how spirituality can help mental health. It also offers helpful reading and web resources.
RC Psych website, linked 08/16

Spirituality in Business

An article describing what makes an organization spiritual.
James A. Ritscher, Living Business (Autumn 1985), linked 08/16

Spirituality in the Workplace

A short article that looks at the differences between religion and spirituality, and the challenges faced by businesses and the role of spirituality.
Global Dharma Center, Debra and William Miller (2005), linked 08/16

Spirituality in the Workplace and the Implications It Has on Employees

A 32-page research paper (2006) providing a good overview of information, as well as recommendations for organizational implementation and a lengthy list of resources.
S Illinois Univ website, by Charlene Litzsey linked 08/16

Teaching With Soul

Support for the Management Educator: After presenting what the concept of spirituality in the workplace entails, this article presents a list of books and other resource materials that offer more in-depth knowledge about spirituality in the workplace. The article concludes with spiritual principles that may be useful in management education.
Judi Neal website, by Judi Neal, linked 08/16

Workplace Spirituality

A brief description of the grassroots movement that began in the early '90s, including a definition and list of values that determine how spirituality may be shown in a workplace.
Wikipedia, linked 08/16

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